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Transaction processing engine OST24 developed by Open Transaction Systems is a new-generation software platform that hosts a range of payment processing applications.

There is a core of the system and a set of application modules. The core provides functionality required for non-stop high-volume transaction processing 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Each application module implements a complete solution like mobile banking, EBPP, ATM management, etc.

The modules share common resources and interfaces implemented in the core. A powerful configuration engine defines application logic without the need to modify source code. Object technology of C++ enables software reuse for rapid development of new functionality.

This software development approach results in dramatic improvement in flexibility, quality, capacity and cost-effectiveness of the product.


Extensive code reuse means that the same software libraries are being widely used in the different modules of the product. This keeps the source code volume at a minimum but simplifies comprehensive debugging and testing prior to dispatch of new functionality to the users, improves on-going support and ensures fast time to market for new products and services.

The software is parameter-driven, allowing users to configure a system to meet unique business requirements. There is no need to intervene source code if a user would like to install additional software module to implement new functionality like 3-D Secure or Certificate Authority. The only amendments to configuration information in the system's Registry are required.

OST24 is optimized for high-speed transaction processing.

OST24 is a UNIX-based software. The system is already implemented under Sun Solaris operating system for both Intel x86 and SPARC editions. Implementations under HP-UX and IBM AIX are available upon request.

The computer environments suitable for OST24 range from cheap Intel x86 servers to extremely powerful Sun Fire servers.

OST24 runs on industry-standard UNIX systems. Unlike other debit and credit card processing applications, the software can deliver high performance on inexpensive three-tier client-server platforms. Savings start with the equipment. A user buys nothing more than what he needs today and expands as the business grows. Choosing an open solution lowers transaction costs by keeping training, support and operation costs to a minimum. Affordable prices on both software and hardware make OST24 the cornerstone of a profitable project.

OST24 comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Also, a `try and buy' option is available.

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